Mickie Winborn


       Mickie Winborn is a widow, mother and grandmother from a Methodist background. The first book she wrote, “Through A Glass, Darkly,” has been printed three times in English and translated into Spanish, Chinese and Russian.  These books have blessed thousands.  They tell of her miraculous healing of terminal ovarian cancer attested to by her physicians.

      Christian leaders recommend her new book, “Breaking Casualty Covenants,” (Realizing the Weight of Your Words).  It is often used as a group study book in churches.  This book helps the believer and the unbeliever!  Chuck Pierce, President of Glory of Zion International Ministry says:  “The principles in this book will cause you to be victorious”.

      Mickie has been featured on CBN, TBN and numerous other television programs.  She conducts workshops, retreats, seminars, and is a popular speaker with a sense of humor.  She has ministered nationally and internationally in miracle healing services.  In her services, she has seen the Lord’s blessings and presence heal spirits, souls and bodies cross-culturally and in every denomination


       In her new book “Stepping Into The Supernatural” she writes about her experiences and other’s of suddenly, spiritually, seeing into another realm. Also, she stresses the necessity of validating these experiences with the Word of God to avoid misunderstandings.

      For 30 years, Mickie taught a monthly bible study in Houston, Texas, where she is the founder of Prayer Bible Studies.  Prayer is one of the principles in Mickie’s life.  She is a personal prayer intercessor for many global leaders. She is an ordained Minister and president of Mickie Winborn Ministries International based in Houston, Texas.

      Having been healed miraculously of terminal cancer over 40 years ago she has had no recurrences. Mickie knows how to encourage others in the value and power of a rich personal prayer life.  To have an intimate relationship in prayer with the Risen Lord Jesus Christ is the joy of her life.  Participating in the privilege of serving His purpose as stated in Habakkuk 2:14 “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea”, is the goal of her life